All started with the drawing. Either to represent something through observation, or to make something from imagination, or to accentuate ideas through sketches. This medium, the drawing, serves as a final objective, or as a structure for the painting . I present here some portraits made with live model, others made from photography, other drawings in which I let my creativity flow, mixing elements that at first have no logic together… but since it is not the logic that I intend to achieve… I always liked, both in drawing and painting, to unite the real with the unreal, here the unreal is understood as: unexpected, with a strong character, and with a certain human depth, as a way to allude to something more intrinsic. But when it comes to realism, I like to apply it to the representation of the human figure, I consider it crucial, if not how to give life to an “unreal” scenario without a connection to the real, it is here the bridge is created.