About Silvia


My focus it’s on the representation of the human figure, bodys and faces, but I intend to represent more than an external image, as if the human being were a kind of casing, with a unique and distinct appearance, but which carries a vastness within. I try to establish a relationship between the outside and the inside and sometimes used the representation of visceral matter in order to allude to its relationship with other aspects of the human dimension, such as the psychic world and the soul.

There is also the intention to crystallize a specific moment of great intensity…

Through certain technical effects, composition, repetition or elimination of elements, I make almost “palpable” something that is not immediately visible…


1982 – Sílvia Marieta was born in Lisbon, Portugal;

She drew throughout his childhood, while living on the Costa Vicentina Portuguesa, in the village of Sines, at the time inspired by the children’s cinematographic universe;

1998 – Started painting with oils, as a self-taught artist, and started too, at the same time, drawing portraits, from photography;

2000/01 – Freelancer illustrator on the newsletter “Página Central” from Pego Thermoelectic Company;

2007 – Graduated in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, here she painted and drew for the first time with live models and learned ancient engraving techniques (linocut, woodcut, dry point, etching, aqua- ink, lithography and serigraphy)

2006/07 – Collaborator as a portrait drawing artist, at Atelier Paulo Costa, Lisbon;

2007 – Course on Scientific Illustration of Marine Life, taught by Pedro salgado, at Oceanário de Lisboa;

  ″ – Course in Archaeological Design by the Portuguese Association for Archaeological Research (APIA), Lisbon;

2009/10 – Collaborator as a painter of children art, Oficina Rústica, Sintra;

2010 – Starts as a self-employed artist: working as a painter, and doing commissioned portraits and illustrations.  At this time becomes a member of numerous associations of artists from Portugal and Spain, which allow her to exhibit more regularly (Círculo Artur Bual, Arték Nusune, Galeria Aberta, MAC, AAAGP, Invent Art, L’Agenzia di Arte, among others).

2017 – Portrait Drawing Workshop with Anthony Baus, at the Atelier de Arte Realista, in Porto;

2018 – Portrait Drawing and Painting Workshops with Glenn Vilppu and Savannah Cuff, at AARP;

   ″ – Workshop -Everything an artist should know “From the Grade to the Varnish”, with Leonel costa da Dartecor, at AARP;

   ″ – Portrait Oil Painting Workshop, in Barcelona Academy of Art, Barcelona, ​​and La Galeria Roja, with Jordan Sokol (Seville) , Spain

   ″ – Jury member of the “International Online Art Competition Bindaas Group”, based in India;

2019 – Flemish painting Workshop with Nelson Ferreira, Lisbon;

    ″ – Portrait Oil Painting Workshop with Joshua Larock, The Florence Studio, Italy;

   ″ – Portrait Drawing and Painting Workshop with Ivan Loginov, AARP.

2020 – Introduction to Bargue’s Drawing Method Workshop, by Nelson Ferreira;

Her painting and portrait work is represented in several private collections (Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Canada…) and since 2016, in catalogs and online figurative art platforms (realist, hyper-realist, academic…) as the “ Guide Leonardo” and the “Anuario Arte y Libertad” organized by Galeria Artelibre. And it has also been a constant presence on “The Guide Artists” magazine/art platform since 2018.

Lives and works in the beautiful Templar city of Tomar (Portugal) since 2014, where has a studio in the historic center of the city.

Has already participated near to two hundred exhibitions, below is a selection.

Exhibitions (selection):

2021- “I grandi Maestri del Realismo internazionali in 20×20”, Palazzo Einoudi, Gallleria Cosola, Torino, Italy;

   ″   –  “Artelibre 20×20”, Galeria Arte Roma, Zaragoza, Spain;

   ″   – Solo Painting Exhibition “No intímo”, Don Dinis Gallery, Estremoz, Portugal;

   ″   – “Arte en Micro Formato”, Sala Aires, Córdoba, Spain;

   ″   – “13 Luas”, Artspace João Carvalho, Gouxaria, Alcanena, Portugal;

   ″   – “Inaugural”, Vitor Costa Gallery, Coimbra, Portugal;

   ″   – “Arcoz’Arte”, House of Arts, Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal;

   ″   – “Artis Seia 2021”, Art and Image Association of Seia, Portugal;

   ″   – “Project 12”, Da Vinci Gallery, Porto, Portugal;

2020 – “Second Face – Artists from Galicia and Portugal”, Casa do Concello Gallery, San Sadurniño (A Coruña), Spain;

   ″   – “Dilema”, Espaço Exibicionista Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal;

   ″   – Solo Painting Exhibition “Para Além da Carne”, Levada Cultural Center, Tomar, Portugal;

   ″   – “Ao Quadrado”, Da Vinci Gallery, Porto, Portugal;

   ″   – “Arte de Bolso”, Galeria Sete, Coimbra, Portugal;

2019- Solo Painting Exhibition “Tensão de Viver”, Metamorfose Gallery, Porto, Portugal;

   ″    – “A Dream within a dream”, Penumbra Art Gallery, Portugal;

2018 – “O Retrato”, Metamorfose Gallery, Porto, Portugal;

2017 – “Pandora’s Box”, Exibicionista Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal;

   ″    – 4th International Biennial “Mulheres D’Artes”, FACE, Espinho, Portugal;

2016 – 30×30, Acervo Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal;

   ″    – ARTIS Festival, House of Culture, Seia, Portugal;

   ″    – Solo Painting Exhibition, Maria Lucília Moita Gallery, Alcanena, Portugal;

2015 – ModPortrait 2014, Fundación Bantierra, Zaragoza and MEAM, Barcelona, ​​Spain;

   ″    – Solo Painting  Exhibition “No Âmago”, Exibicionista Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal;

   ″    – III Exhibition “Mulheres – Deusas e Escravas”, Carris Museum, Lisbon, Portugal; 

   ″    –“No Feminino”, Metamorfose Gallery, Porto, Portugal;

2014 –“Navidade”Collective exhibition, Galería Alemi, León, Spain;

   ″    – “Spain Art Open House”, Business Center, Salamanca, Spain;

   ″    – “4th Exhibition – Shair”, Emergentes dst Gallery, Braga, Portugal;

   ″    – “Arte Hoje”, National Fine Arts Society, Lisbon, Portugal;

   ″    – “Nuevos Valores”, Agrupación Artítica Aragonesa, Zaragoza, Spain;

2013 – Exhibition “Assobiador”, CEIDA (Centro de Extensión Universitaria e Divulgación Ambiental de Galicia), Galicia, Spain;

   ″    – “A Bilha-Art Project”, Extremeño Ethnographic Museum, Olivenza, Spain;

   ″    – “50 Artistas de Dentro e Fora”, Manuel Cunha Gallery, Alfândega da Fé, Portugal;

   ″    – 18th International Exhibition of Plastic Arts, Municipal Auditorium and Socio Cultural Center, Vendas Novas, Portugal;

   ″    – Solo Painting Exhibition “Para além do Visível”, Vieira Portuense Gallery, Porto, Portugal;

   ″    – Solo Painting and Engraving Exhibition, Casa do Brasil, Santarém, Portugal;

   ″    – Solo Painting and Drawing Exhibition “Humanos”, Zé Penicheiro Room, Center for Arts and Entertainment, Figueira da Foz, Portugal;

   ″    – Women’s Day – Painting and Sculpture, Espaço Berna Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal; 

   ″    – Art Exhibition, Costume Museum, São Brás de Alportel, Algarve, Portugal;

   ″    – Solo Painting Exhibition, Tinturaria Gallery, Covilhã, Portugal;

2012 –“Summertime 2012”, BCM Art Gallery, Barcelona, ​​Spain;

    ″    – Solo Painting and Engraving Exhibition, Municipal Gallery, Ourém, Portugal;

    ″   – “Arteggiamoci”, Galleria Espositiva Baccina 66, Rome, Italy;

    ″   – “ARTmosphere” – L´agenzia di Arte, Patrícia Muñoz Gallery, Sabadell, Spain;

    ″   – FIGARCO – I International Contemporary Art Fair of Figueira da Foz, Figueira Exhibitions Ltd., Portugal;

   ″    – “Alcarte-30 anos”, Passos do Concelho Gallery, Alcochete, Portugal;

   ″    – “Summer Art”, Zeller Gallery, Espinho, Portugal;

   ″    – International Biennial – “Prize Mário Silva”, Center for Arts and Entertainment, Figueira da Foz, Portugal;

    ″   – Artists Collective from “Círculo Artur Bual”, Vila Alda, Sintra, Portugal;

    ″   – “2000…12”, Zeller Gallery, Espinho;

2011 – “Cromatic gallery in benefit of UNICEF”, Sala Alta, Blanca, Spain;

    ″   – “Postal Art – investigation of multiple sclerosis”, Galeria Krabbe, Frigiliana (Málaga), Spain;

   ″   – “One Way by L’Agenzia di Arte”, Red Gate Gallery, London, England;

   ″   – Solo Painting Exhibition, Toyota Lounge, Lisbon, Portugal;

   ″   – Solo Drawing, Painting and Engraving Exhibition, Casa da Malta, Sertã, Portugal;

    ″   – Solo Painting and Engraving Exhibition, Casa do Tempo, Castanheira de Pera, Portugal;

    ″   – Artists Collective from MAC (Artistic Movement of Coimbra), Culture House, Coimbra, Portugal;

    ″   – “FIART/ARTEUROPA (Coimbra International Art Fair)”, Praça da Canção, Coimbra, Portugal;

    ″   – Individual stand in “Artshow”, organized by Arték Nusune and FIL, Pavilion Innovation AIP, Lisbon International Fair FIL, Portugal;

    ″   – “The Republic of Women”, Republic and Resistance Museum, Lisbon, Portugal;

2010 – “1st International Exhibition in Painting and Mixed media”, Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;

    ″   – “7th Autumn Edition Art Fair – Corrousel du Louvre / Waylight-Eventos Culturais”, Paris, France;

    ″   – “Prémio Utopia 09”, Sala Recreios, Amadora, Portugal;

     ″  – Solo Painting and Engraving Exhibition “Cá Dentro”, CCB, Vila Nova da Barquinha, Portugal;

2009 – “IV Bienal de Coruche”, Alcorucen Salon, Coruche, Portugal;

2008 – Contemporary Engraving Exhibition, Sala do Veado, National Museum of Natural History, Lisbon, Portugal;

2007 – Final Year Students Exhibition from FBAUL (Fine Arts College of Lisbon), National Fine Arts Society, Lisbon, Portugal.